I offer a 20 minute complimentary phone consultation prior to your first booking .  Please take this opportunity to discuss any questions you may have and what you can expect from BodyTalk treatments.

What to Expect at your First Session?

Your first session starts with a review of your intake health form and discussion of your reasons for making an appointment.   

Clients lie on a massage table fully clothed to promote a relaxed state for their session. The BodyTalk practitioner uses one of the client’s arms for neuromuscular feedback, or muscle checking, throughout the session. The practitioner may also lightly hold other areas of the body, or ask the client to do so, as part of a technique.

The Practitioner follows a BodyTalk Protocol to reveal links and formulas that reestablish connections and communication within the bodymind that are then tapped out by lightly tapping on the client’s head (head brain) , sternum (heart brain) and over the navel (enteric brain).

Clients will be asked to breathe deeply or take exaggerated breaths.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Learn more about BodyTalk from the International BodyTalk Association

Remote or Distance BodyTalk Session – How does it work?

BodyTalk is quantum, consciousness based Energy medicine. Quantum Physics tells us that every body part and every cell knows exactly what every other part or cell is doing. Further, it tells us that there is a deep interconnection and interdependence between every atom in the universe and therefore every human being in the universe.

Distance or Remote sessions have the same benefits as receiving a session in person.   BodyTalkers are trained to “tune in” to their clients without having to use physical contact.  An example of this is how a TV remote can connect to a specific device in your home by tuning in to its frequency.  Another example is being able to communicate via cell phone with another person in another location without a physical connection.

Distance sessions are just as effective as in person sessions.  Infants, small children and pets and people in remote areas, or who are too sick to travel can all receive the benefits of BodyTalk through Distance Sessions.  They can be done from the convenience of your home or office. I make an audio recording of the distance sessions and send it to you. So you can feel like you right there with me while you listen to the recording

Session Prices

BodyTalk Session (Adult) $100.00
BodyTalk Session (Child/Youth) $85.00

Private session to tap into your unique healing sequence and bring your mind and body back into balance.

BodyTalk Distance Session  $100.00
BodyTalk Distance Session (Child/Youth) $.00
Receive the benefits of a private session from the comfort of your own home.

Packages (Adult Sessions)
Buy 3 sessions for $330.00 (save $30)
Buy 5 sessions for $500.00 (save $100)

VMLD – Lymphatic Drainage $120.00
Treatment involves Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage developed within the BodyTalk System.

Body Talk Specialty Sessions $120.00
Performance Agenda Session $100.00
Family / Business Matrix Session