I am so grateful for my remote BodyTalk session with Lisa!  Lisa’s passion for BodyTalk and wellness is contagious.  Everything that came up in the session felt spot on and she did a great job clearly explaining what she was doing and the focus of the links.  The session really helped me through a period of dietary transition by helping to boost my detox process as well as improving my sleep. – Lotara J.

I have been receiving Body Talk since 2008 and love to experience new practitioners.  From my first session with Lisa, I could tell she was dialed in.  The wisdom of her own life experiences and her grounded nature create a very powerful combination for delivering healing through Body Talk.  I am so at ease when I am around her and would highly recommend getting in to see her. – Kirsten F.

I have had body talk sessions with Lisa for both physical and emotional ailments, including a bunionectomy on both of my feet and working through the stress and anxiety of moving and changing jobs.  Following the bunionectomy, I woke up in extreme pain after not taking pain killers in a tight-enough interval overnight.  With Lisa’s help we were able to calm myself from the panicked state of pain and then to release the pain itself. Thankfully, Lisa has always been dedicated to me as a practitioner to make sure that we reach a point where I can rest calmly. She is open to hear what I am experiencing and is curious to tackle work she has not yet delved into.  

I’ve experience the same attention and knowledge from Lisa when I’ve gone for help regarding the obstacles in my personal life.  She can easily explain the formulas that arise, so that they have a personal meaning to me and I too can understand the connection between my emotions and my physical body. You can see and feel her excitement for this work which inspires her to consistently learn more about her patients for their healing and what she can do to assist them on their journey. – Laura P.