Hi I’m Lisa

So much has changed since I found BodyTalk in 2015. Looking back, I was in so much physical, mental and emotional pain.  I was in my mid 40’s, I was running an active business for several years with my husband, I was a professionally designated accountant, a wife, a mother of 3, a board member, a volunteer, an athlete, chief cook & bottle washer, multi-tasker extraordinaire. I was coping with the death of 2 very significant people in my life. I was exhausted, angry & resentful, everything felt like a burden. 

I responded the only way I could at the time, I clamped down harder on myself, creating more rules to try to maintain some sort of control in the chaos, backing myself into an even smaller box.  My body was showing the effects of the accumulated stresses & increasingly rigid beliefs.  I was experiencing issues with digestion, elimination, skin, blood pressure, food intolerances, adrenals, early onset menopause, repeated injuries & a volatile temper.  I sought solutions from mainstream & alternative therapies which provided a variety of medications to treat symptoms but none brought lasting relief. 

Then I found BodyTalk.  I took a 1day BodyTalk Access course. I took a 1 day BodyTalk Access course (Body Talk Access Site) , my first step in truly taking responsibility for my own health.  I felt better.  I began getting regular BodyTalk sessions, which brought awareness, lightness & ease. I went on to take BodyTalk Fundamentals and then all of the advanced BodyTalk Courses, Mindscape & Freefall, & Parama.

Fast forward to today, my life looks very different.  My state of mind, my health & my life have all changed for the better. I no longer feel like a mad woman running from one thing to the next, I no longer have stacks of receipts for prescriptions, chiropractors, physios, etc.  I now can eat what I like, no longer needing to avoid gluten or lactose.

BodyTalk gave my bodymind a voice, bringing awareness to belief systems, attitudes, opinions & coping strategies that lie beneath the surface “driving the bus”.  As I began to resolve some these, my health and everything else in my environment shifted. 

I have been a Certified BodyTalk practitioner since December 2016.  I continue to do the Access protocol everyday to maintain my own health & well-being.  I also incorporate CLI (Conscious Living Investigation) into my life and practice.  CLI is a method of personal investigation that works at clues in the environment to resolve deep seeded belief systems & the resulting patterns that drives our lives. 

I am dedicated and passionate about sharing this work with others.  I coordinate Access, BodyTalk & CLI courses in the local area.  I also offer monthly study groups for students of BodyTalk & CLI to help deepen their understanding.   Come and explore all the  possibilities with BodyTalk