Hi I’m Lisa

So much has changed since I found BodyTalk in 2015. Looking back, I was at the breaking point. I was in so much physical, mental and emotional pain.  I had been running an active business for several years with my husband. I was in my mid 40’s, a professionally designated accountant, a mother of 3, a daycare board member, a school volunteer, dog walker, chief cook & bottle washer, multi-tasker extraordinaire. I was coping with the death of 2 very significant people in my life. I was exhausted, angry & resentful, everything felt like a burden. 

My body, mind and emotions were showing the effects of the accumulated stresses. I was experiencing issues with digestion, elimination, skin, blood pressure, food intolerances, adrenals, early onset menopause, repeated injuries & a hair trigger temper, a volcano ready to blow.  I sought solutions from mainstream & different alternative therapies which provided a variety of medications to treat symptoms but none brought lasting relief.  There had to be another way.

Then I found BodyTalk. I took a 1 day BodyTalk Access course (Body Talk Access Site). I began doing this simple self care routine daily, my first step in truly taking responsibility for my own health & well being.  Day by day I started to feel better. I began receiving regular BodyTalk sessions, which brought more ease and relief. I loved the results so much, I went on to learn all I could about BodyTalk, taking the Fundamentals course and then all of the advanced BodyTalk courses, Mindscape & Freefall, & Parama courses.

Fast forward to today, I have been a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since December 2016. My life looks so different these days, my state of mind, my health & the quality of my life have all changed for the better. I’m much more calm than I used to be. I no longer feel like a mad woman running from one thing to the next. I no longer have stacks of receipts for prescriptions, and for weekly visits chiropractors, physios, etc. just to keep me going. I now can eat whatever I like, no longer needing to avoid gluten or lactose.

I continue on my path, developing personal awareness through practices like BodyTalk Access, Meditation and CLI (Conscious Living Investigation) – a method of personal investigation which reminds me of the perspective that “The world is happening FOR ME” and not “TO ME” . This has been a game changer for me, learning to work with clues in the environment to resolve rigid belief systems, judgements and opinions that are “driving the bus”.

I offer a 20 minute phone or video consultation for new clients. Come, explore the possibilities with BodyTalk, there is always another way.

Curious? Check out the short video on Cortices Technique and give it a try. It takes 5 minutes. It balances the brain & optimizes brain function.